Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We've got a law here in Albuquerque banning the use of hand held phones while driving your car.
Of course it's one of those "Optional Enforcement Laws" that politicians like to think up in order to get votes from both sides of a controversial issue. And cops use it to pull over cars where they think they might a bigger bust. (Cops like big busts. Makes 'em feel important to have big busts on their records.)
You can tell it's an asinine law, because it does not have real teeth in it (small fine) and no one believes their attention will be distracted from driving while they're arguing with the wife, or yelling at one of the kids, or trying to remember that joke they heard. You know, the things we used to talk about at the dinner table. Where we couldn't get in an accident (well, except for dropping our forks and getting mashed potatoes all over the floor).
Be sure you click on the headline of this article. It'll take you to a new world of drollery.

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Shrinky said...

I love the photo, it says it all! We have the same law over here, not that it seems to stop everyone, mind. I tried ONCE to answer my phone whilst driving - before the law came into act, as it happens - and NEVER, EVER, NOT NEVER would I EVER do it again.. I'm dangerous enough driving when focused, distractions like that I can live (hopefully much longer) without.