Sunday, May 20, 2007


Here are some quotes from Bill Richardson:
"Think for a moment about the quality of life for an undocumented worker. No protection from unscrupulous employers. No job benefits. No health care, no pension, no Social Security, no workers compensation, no Medicare or disability insurance.
"In order to find work they must either use someone else's Social Security number or make one up.
"Most undocumented immigrants come to the United States to work low-wage jobs which few Americans want, such as picking crops or cleaning toilets. Our economy creates demand for at least 400,000 new low-skill illegal immigrants per year, but only about 140,000 are allowed to enter legally. When demand and legal supply are so out of line, the pressures for illegal immigration are enormous.
"Yes, we are talking about people who knowingly have broken the law. And they should be held accountable, like all lawbreakers. But we also are talking about people who are economic refugees, and who contribute significantly to America's economic success and to the economic and political stability of their home countries -- with the billions in remittances they send home to their families every year.
"Despite the campaign rhetoric, I refuse to believe that most House Republicans really favor trying to round up 11 million people, separating them from their children who are citizens, and deporting them en masse.
This is after I implemented a policy to grant drivers licenses without regard to legal residency. As a result of this policy we got the percentage of uninsured drivers down from 31 percent to 12 percent.
"New Mexicans want our roads to be safe and the driver who rear-ends them to be insured. We want our highway cops to focus on catching drunk drivers, not illegal immigrants.
"Al Qaeda took decades to find a way to hit America hard and terrorists are still out there, probing, plotting, and preparing for their next attack. I know that full well from my diplomatic experience. If there's a way for them to get into this country and attack us again they will find it. We need to stop them, and border security is essential to doing so.
"This is what we should do: immediately put enough National Guard troops at the border to keep it covered until we can secure it with Border Patrol officers. That should take no longer than three years. If it takes another year, let's do it.
"Third, we should give the Border Patrol the benefit of the best surveillance equipment available to our military. And, as suggested by Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, a leader on immigration issues, we should implement a system of "informant visas" and cash rewards for aliens who provide law enforcement with information on human traffickers and document forgers.
"Under present conditions, the Mexicans just don't have enough incentive to give us the help we need at the border. Mexico needs to do more to stem the flow. But if we create a reasonable guest worker program and provide a path to legalization for illegal immigrants already here -- as I will discuss in a moment -- there is every reason to expect Mexico to do its part to create more jobs in Mexico and to help us with border security.
"Two weeks ago I met with Mexican President Calderon and he told me he is willing to do work with us to stop illegal immigration -- if the United States is willing to address the crisis honestly and realistically along with him."

So says Bill Richardson, New Mexico's contribution to the Presidential race.

First, he tries to get us to fell sorry for the illegal alien. He ignores the fact that most legal New Mexicans have no pension, no health care, no medicare, no disability insurance, very little in the way of workers benefits.

He ignores the truth that unemployed Americans will indeed, pick crops or clean toilets to earn some money.

"Our economy creates a demand for 400,000 illegal low-skilled immigrants a year? Oh, Bill. We have many unemployed, low-skilled drop outs and illiterate legals every year from our Government controlled schools. More than 400,000.

The fact that the illegals steal someone else's identity doesn't seem to bother him at all. Yes, Governator, let's help the illegals use someone else's Social Security number. And how about their bank account too?

His estimate of 11 million illegal aliens is way too low according to "best guesses" I have seen on the internet.

He implemented giving illegal aliens driver's licences. Did you teach them to read our road rules and pass a written test too? And the idea that our uninsured motorist rate dropped from this is so much bull hockey. What made it drop so much was MVD having all insurance companies send them precoded lists of insurance on all vehicles in New Mexico. If you don't get insurance, you get a letter from MVD pointing out that you will loose your vehicle if it is seen on a public street. Now, THAT'S motivation.

I fail to understand how an illegal worker who sends all his earnings back to Mexico contributes to America's success in anything. Oh yeah, he wants to hold them "accountable". That sounds like Potomac double talk meaning "we'll slap them on the wrist and forget they are criminals". And then he admits that BILLIONS are being sent out of the country. Billions earned illegally. If I remember my economics classes correctly, that makes us a debtor nation.

All of a sudden he's talking about Al Qaeda. That's called a scare tactic. And his "diplomatic experience"? Uh, yes, Governator. Like your talking to Gabon about not killing their citizens? And let's not forget the mass of bones you came back with from Vietnam. All six bodies. And in North Korea? You remember, where the nice Koreans gave you a tour of the American ship they captured?

Then he tries to tug at our heart strings by saying that forcing them back to their homeland will separate parents from children and deporting them en masse. (Gee, look. He knows some French.) And he is well aware that that we do NOT send the parents of children back to their foreign country if the kids are born here. The illegals know it, too. Maybe they should tell him about this.

Next is his idea of putting enough of the National Guard along our leaky borders. Well, sir, what National Guard do you mean? The ones doing the fighting Iraq? Or the skeleton forces left? "Even if it takes a year. Or three". Or maybe twenty?

And we need to spend more money on surveillance equipment. Some of that money that's being used in Iraq, Governator? Or just raise taxes? That alone should get you the nomination. Well, that and getting some illegals to rat on their countrymen. I can hear it now: "Senor, my father and mother are here illegally. They live there. Where's my money?" Whew.

According to Bill, the Mexicans don't want to help patrol the border, either. I wouldn't either if they were sending billions of American dollars back to my country. And he wants to create a "reasonable" guest worker plan. Which we already have in place. If we will not only forgive and forget, but legalize, all these people who ignore our laws, he expects the Mexican government to do its part to create more jobs in Mexico and help us with border security. That's one of the funniest lines I've read in a long time.

Mr. Richardson met with Mexican President Calderone. Who told him Mexico is willing to cooperate in stopping illegals... IF the U.S. will discuss this crisis (his word, not mine) honestly and realistically with him. Why do I feel that what that means is more billions going to Mexico from the American taxpayer? It appears that our Governator has forgotten words that helped create this nation: "Millions for Defence. Not one penny for tribute."
Good Luck, Governator.


Shrink wrapped scream said...

Blimey, I sure wouldn't want to cross swords with you, my friend!

Britain has it's own illegal imigration troubles. Of course, nothing is ever either black or white (no pun intended). Few people would want to walk in their shoes, and yes, we,(in the UK) given automatic access to free education,instant healthcare, and a plethora of state funded benefits, (should,God forbid,we ever have the need of them) are extraordinally fortunate to have been born in to a system that can support the weaker in our society. However, this system will collapse, and everyone will lose, if we continue to open our doors, allowing unlimited economic refugees to pour through.

Britain is a small, already overcrowded island. Fact: Put too many rats in a cage, they bite each other.

I wish I had the intellect and energy to offer up a solution, regretfully,I only pray someone else can.

Catmoves said...

Well, Richardson posts these things on his web site and has no one to blame but himself. Living where I do, it's sometimes very easy to see what our elected officials are up to.
I'm told that Canada has the best health care system. Maybe alphonsedamoose will comment on that?
These gigantic cities all over the world are symptomatic of your rats allusion, too.
I am having trouble believing you didn't intend a pun. I've read lots of your writing.

Cuckoo said...

Very thought provoking, well written post. I came here many times, read the post at least 5 times but commenting today.

Well, every country has problem of illegal immigrations, even India faces it. Surprised ?

You have talked w.r.t. Richardson & Mexican connections. What about immigrants from other countries ?
I know Americans aren't happy with them either and for that matter, no country can be happy about it if some other person is snatching away jobs from us.

Yes, I am talking about outsourcing issue. That happens legally.. right under the nose of laws & rules. And we Indians are very much part of it. I think it is a big vicious circle.

We'll discuss it later, perhaps I'll write a post about it but don't know how much justice I can do.. keeping in mind both sides of issue.

Once again, thank you. I enjoyed the post. :)

Catmoves said...

cuckoo, I have absolutely no problem with legal immigrants nor the politically endangered who ask for asylum here. This country does indeed create jobs each and every year. Plenty of them to care for the standards set by our law.

The only thing I resented about the outsourcing was that the people in other countries were forced to Americanize their names and pretend they were Americans. I found that disgusting and it must have been humiliating to them, too.
Please be sure to send me the link when you write your post.
And thank you for your compliment.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

You flatter me, my friend (hehe)!

Catmoves said...

No flattery intended. As I mentioned, I've read your writings.

Anonymous said...

"Constantly wanting to learn things, I love using the net to chase down solutions. Sometimes I get into hot water by responding in forums. Some people have no sense of humor."

Me too. Then I get all mad at them and take a break.

Anonymous said...

I have not read this whole post and in fact just stumbled here by accident. But as soon as I saw your comment that Canada has the best health care system I had to jump in. No we don't. Not anymore.

We used to have a good system but it is so overburdened by the sudden rise in population of immigrants (legal) coming from South East Asia that our medical system is failing rapidly.

People who were born and raised here and have paid taxes their whole lives, many of whom are war veterans, have to wait months and sometimes years for operations. If they have a heart attack they get pretty fast service but if they need surgery to relieve debilitating pain or a transplant they have to wait and often die while waiting.

It's not that we have a problem with immigrants, legal or illegal, or refugees, working the system and taking advantage. It's that we don't have enough doctors, nurses, paramedics, equipment, and hospitals to care for this population explosion.

People who are not Canadian citizens do not get free medical. In fact citizens do not get free medical either. We pay an insurance premium every month that is supposed to cover 99% of our medical costs. I pay sixty-four dollars a month which is the maximum anyone has to pay. Families, poor people, refugees, pay less per person or nothing at all. Non residents of Canada have to pay full price but it's not very much, not enough, much less than their own country. They will fly here eight months pregnant, have the baby, then eventually fly home years later, sometimes never.

But Canadians are just coming out of their self induced sleep and even though it is not politically correct they are just beginning to stand up and say "Wait a minute. "I was born and raised here and paid taxes my whole life. I should be first in line." We just don't feel so polite and well-mannered anymore.

Phew! That felt so good. You should hear my opinion on whether immigrants should get free english lessons paid for by yours truly. Kids born and raised here can't get an education because there's not enough money in the budget for them.

Thank you for allowing me to vent on this old post. Probably nobody will read it anyway. Maybe I'll transer it to my own blog. Yes I'm doing it right now (copy/paste)

Cuckoo said...


Was away on two trips. Just hopped in to check if anything new has come up.

Haven't yet settled back to my regular routine. :)

Animals with Opinions said...

dang! i've typed in three different responses to your post and not one of them captures what i'm trying to say without me sounding like a psycho killer. so i'll leave the mystery there. richardson needs a labotomy.

gerald the legal goat

Rachelle said...

When are they going to start listening to the people??
I am a staunch conservative, and I am so frustrated by the leadership in this country.


Anyway, thanks for visiting me! I hope to see you there often, I will be back here, even if my blood does boil reading all this! LOL...

Catmoves said...

animals, sometime all words fail us in frustration. I know. Rachelle, I'm trying to do what one little guy can to get the American voter to realize that real life is not a series of cute commercials.
I'll see you and animals soon. God willin' and the creek don't rise.

Catmoves said...

Rachelle you keep making me broaden my word knowledge. So, Slainte Mhor.

Rachelle said...

Right back atcha kiddo :))
Slainte Mhor~

Calista said...

I'm glad that I find person who is interested in wisdom.

I'll visit again!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I moved from Michigan, where we didn't have a big illegal problem, to N.C. I used to buy into the "they do stuff we don't want to", then I saw hordes of Mexicans doing roofing, construction, road work, on and on. Duke University contracters literally trucked them to work by the pickup loads in the morning. They had to find their own way home when the work day was done.

The "Jobs nobody wanted" at Duke University was a multi-million new construction program, one of the most ambitious in their history.

This is all about forcing the American worker to work for pennies of what they used to...or starve. A.k.a. profits.

Galt-In-Da-Box said...

The minute the sonofabitch said "undocumented worker" you knew he was on the amBush bandwagon:
A socialist by any other party, is still...
What part of "We the people of the United States" do these brainless twits not get!?

Catmoves said...

galt, Richardson is a 100% solid carpetbagger. Whatever might garner him some votes is what he will say. "Politically Correct" could well be his middle name. But I can't help laughing at him when he makes an error and pops up with the wrong words.

BBC said...

Long post, no time to properly read it and leave a well reasoned comment, so I'll just squirt shit out of my ears.

Bomb both countries into dust and be done with it, we are all shit anyway. Then maybe others can come in here and get it right the next time around.

We wouldn't have a problem with 'immigrants' if we didn't look at borders as we (not me) do.

This is one world, it really isn't that big. If it was ruled by a world government instead of a bunch of different stupid countries wanting power and advantage things would be much better here.

One world, one peoples... DUH!!!

Now if you will excuse me I will go off in search of a woman wanting a semen hit to save her titties.

BBC said...

I have a cousin that lives in your area, on the golf course at Rio Rancho. I haven't seen her for about seven years.

Catmoves said...

Bill thanks for the laugh. I'm going to stick that on a post sooner or later. So many thingsto do, so much hurry, so many games waiting to be played, so many sites to visit, Whew!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

All "Undocumented Workers" means is "I don't have to say how much I pay them, where I got them, the conditions I make them work in, nor when they're going back home.

Kind of like "he was kept in forced slavery for an undocumented amount of time."