Saturday, March 10, 2007


I am opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangerous to offer me the position. - Mark Twain
It is good to see that the American Indian is finally getting some of it back. Albuquerque is ideally positioned to get you to umpteen casinos (some with hotels and golf courses, one with fishing available) in less than two hours. Many only minutes from where you are visiting. Now, please don't think of them as rivaling Foxwoods or a Vegas Strip hotel, but they're sure a leg up on most of the downtown Las Vegas hotels.
I want to digress for a minute. I have never seen toilets like the ones in the Fremont hotel in Las Vegas. We stayed there for a couple of free nights and my Wild Thing discovered it first. The toilets in the bathroom of our room were, well, different. First of all, they are set at an angle in the corner. Ok, no big deal. Until it's time to flush. There is abolutely no way to use that lever unless you put the cover down. Not the seat. The lid. Only place I've ever seen with that "feature".
Our Indian casinos all have the automatic flush johns. Thank heavens.
Most of the slots are "paper" payouts. You get a bar coded ticket when you cash out (good luck) and you can turn that in for cash or play another slot. The table games are equal to those in casinos all over the States.
The food is excellent in some, boring in others. One of them has a little diner next to their all-you-can-eat. That diner serves the biggest (and one of the very best) green chili burritos in the state. You need to be hungry to finish it.
For those who smoke, the reservation land has Indian smoke shops where you don't pay federal nor state taxes. And don't let anyone tell you you must pay a sales tax. We have never had a sales tax. What is here is a "gross receipts tax". That is levied on the seller, not the buyer. On the other hand, most all sellers pass it on to you. Due to the way it is passed back to the state, they make a profit on it. Indian lands do not collect that tax, either.
Enjoy yourself in The Land Of Enchantment.

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